Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Jake's Salmon

When our friend Jake visited, he fixed...

Baked Salmon with Scallions and Capers
...with a lettuce, radish, and avocado salad dressed with lemon vinaigrette; sliced fresh Kalamata ciabatta bread.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Winter Vermont Pot Roast

It's freezing up here. Nothing warms the heart or the belly then a good pot roast simmering on the stove for 6 hours.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Cheese in Threes

"Grown-Up" Mac 'n' Cheese: Cavatappi pasta, Gruyere cheese, Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese, jalapeƱo peppers, nutmeg, topped with Romano tomatoes and homemade bread crumbs.

Steamed Broccoli Florets with Gorgonzola cheese dressing.

Plus, a butter lettuce and tomato salad/garnish with a splash of pesto vinaigrette, and the obligatory St. Pauli Girl in a frosted mug.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


From an undisclosed location out West: Buffalo Wings with Gorgonzola cheese dip/Autumn Vegetable Medley with Rosemary and Nutmeg/Butter Lettuce salad with Pesto Vinaigrette dressing.

First up, the pesto. Pine nuts, basil, Parmesan cheese, garlic, olive oil, fresh ground pepper.

Next, the Veggies: carrots, butternut squash, fennel, parsnips, and of course the fresh rosemary and fresh ground nutmeg. Fantastic!

Gorgonzola cheese dip for the wings: gorgonzola, Worcestershire sauce, milk, mayo and sour cream.

On the table. Using the pesto, oil and lemon juice, I made a pesto vinaigrette dressing for the salad. St. Pauli Girl in a frosted mug. Mmmmmmm...

Monday, December 1, 2008


Let's see... well I was very pleased that there were so many vegetables! And they were delicious!
I made baked acorn squash stuffed with a rice/tofu/mushroom mixup - some may recall a similar dish from TG '04 
One of my favorite parts of the evening was when desert time rolled around. We made coffee and there was baileys... just like the X party... I was thinking of you all... xoxoxo